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What we do


Covering digital strategies for cultural organisations, through to activity plans for funding bids, we have a wealth of experience to offer in planning and analysis.


We design, develop, maintain and extend bespoke websites and apps, as well interactives such as gallery kiosks and touchscreen tables.


Accessibility in digital media is one of our key areas of expertise, and a focal point of many of our projects. We leverage the latest technology to deliver experiences which include as many people as possible.

Ongoing Support

Underpinning everything we do are comprehensive support packages and service agreements, covering every eventuality and preparing your project for whatever comes next.

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Over the last 19 years, we’ve developed projects with a range of clients

Who we are

Surface Impression is a digital media consultancy based in the UK and Canada. We are makers of web sites, apps and other interactive media for the not-for-profit sector, with a focus on work for museums, archives, galleries and other cultural heritage organisations. We also help organisations with digital strategies, fundraising, marketing, audience research, measurement and analysis.


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