Inspiring generations, remembering the Few and honouring the Many

Biggin Hill Memorial Museum

‘Inspiring generations, remembering the Few and honouring the Many’ is the motto of the Biggin Hill Memorial Museum opened in January 2019. A collaboration led by Bromley Council and Biggin Hill Memorial Museum Trust, Surface Impression designed and built the website alongside an in-gallery interactive for the new museum. The common aim of the resources is the telling of the story of Britain’s most famous fighter station, and in particular its role during the Second World War and the Battle of Britain.

The outcome is an attractive user centred interface that follows Biggin Hill branding and visual identity. The website both aids the planning of a visit to the venue itself, and allows remote audiences to explore selected collections, giving them a taste for what the physical museum holds. Benefitting from an engaging and intuitive interface, the site has flexible navigation patterns and clear calls to action.

Key features:

  • Searchable online collection – integrated with eHive collections management system
  • Learning and education content – including booking system and downloadable resources
  • E-commerce – for venue ticketing, school bookings, group booking form and donations 
  • Easy to use content management system with editable diary and multimedia content supported
  • Accessibility options
  • Site-wide search facility