3D exploration of the Raikeswood World War 1 prisoner of war camp

Craven Museum, Skipton

The history of Skipton’s World War 1 Prisoner of War camp can now be accessed through the website Surface Impression created for Craven Museum. This user-focused website presents a 3D model that invites the audiences to discover more about what life was like in the camp. We collaborated with students at the School of Computing and Creative Technologies at Leeds Beckett University, supporting them to develop the 3D model themselves. It shows a number of different points of interest (POIs) in the camp, identified by a label and a red arrow. Users click on the arrow, triggering a window pop up containing more information. Where available links to other informative pages within the site are presented, together with a button to see that piece of the model into more detail. The aim is to enable users to immerse themselves in what life in the forgotten camp might have been like.

One of the main features of the site is a timeline comparing Skipton events against global events, helping audiences to broaden their historical perspective and understanding. For each Skipton event in the timeline there’s a ‘find out more’ button that leads audiences to the relevant pages, containing pictures, quotes, and researched text. This approach gradually reveals layers of content based on relevancy, ensuring high engagement levels and smooth user journeys.