Supporting survivors of sexual violence in London

Survivors Gateway London

The London Survivors Gateway is a hub that offers victims of sexual violence help to access specialist services in London, regardless of their gender, sexuality, disability, ethnicity, immigration status, or language. It aims to help survivors make their own informed choices. This sensitive and empowering project is a result of joint efforts between several organisations, including the Home Office and Women and Girls Network.

Surface Impression worked in collaboration with Pleece & Co to produce this site. Please & Co did a great job with the branding and applied their graphic designs to the wireframes that Surface Impression produced. We then built the website on a leading open source content management system (CMS), ensuring SEO practices were strictly followed as well as using responsive techniques, so the site looks and performs great in both mobile and desktop devices. Straight forward editing interfaces allow the client to manage their own content over the long term.

We worked in collaboration with the London Survivors Gateway team to establish flexible user journeys enabling audiences to find content easily. Careful consideration was given to finding information quickly, due to the sensitive nature of the organisation’s work and the potential circumstances of its audiences. Users are able to find what they are after very quickly. To facilitate the search users are also able to visually look up for resources by using the customised Google service map that covers all areas of London. The content in each page is deliberately short, informative yet empathetic, taking into account how mobile users read content. We developed the ‘Leave site’ tool in the top right corner of the header to enable users to quickly exit the site should they find themselves at risk.