Get right inside art


VanGoYourself is an award winning website allowing users to recreate classic scenes from some of the world’s most famous paintings and share them with friends. The project is managed and run by Brighton-based arts charity Culture24 and was developed in partnership with Luxembourg’s cultural organisation It was developed as part of the Europeana Creative project and was co-funded by European Commission. With involvement from 34 venues in 15 countries this a truly international project.

Working with design assets produced by Danish design agency Spild af Tid, we built a mobile-friendly website that guides the user through the process of browsing the artworks and choosing the most appropriate one for them to reproduce and gives tips on how best to recreate the scene. The user uploads and shares their recreated image via a simple to use interface. Recreations are displayed next to the original piece for comparison and a curated collection is displayed on the website.

Surface Impression carried out user testing following the launch of the website and have subsequently added additional features including online sales allowing the user to purchase their recreation on printed onto t-shirts, greetings cards or mugs, improved sharing functionality and newsletter integration.