Spotlight on museums and galleries

Museums have so much to offer the world, but sometimes struggle to connect to audiences. Find out how we’ve been helping museums make the most of digital for over 20 years…

Get funding for your digital projects

Find out how the new grant programs in Canada can help you with your next digital project

COVID-19 and website accessibility

We have covered how we are helping the museum and arts sectors reach people at home with online exhibitions, but what about the end users?

Online exhibitions: solutions for museums, galleries and other cultural organizations

Organizations “move” exhibitions from the physical to the digital domain.

Is your organization’s website desperately out of date?

A site that seemed like it was great a few years ago suddenly feels clunky, poorly designed, difficult to manage and, most worryingly of all, hopelessly out of touch with your audiences.

How do I make sure my site continues to be accessible?

Making a site accessible benefits everyone... everyone browses a website differently, no matter what their abilities are.

Accessibility statements for Public Sector organizations

Your website must be accessible to all users and accessibility is measured by reaching AA compliance according to the WCAG 2.1

What is access user testing?

Access user testing includes testing with disabled people with a range of access needs, some using assistive technologies and access tools to get online.