How do I make sure my site continues to be accessible?


Ensuring accessibility was part of the long, involved process of building your website, and perhaps including user testing. Moving forward after the launch of your site, it is important to you that access is maintained for all established and potential audiences. Surface Impression is able to advise you on sustaining accessibility through time by:

  • providing Editing Tips, which many of you are already familiar with
  • by directly supporting you when required
  • by training your staff to create and maintain accessible content

Making a site accessible benefits everyone; everyone browses a website differently, no matter what their abilities are.

Training – building accessibility into your teams

As well as creating an accessible site for you, we offer training to support you in continuing on this access journey. Our training can help you demonstrate that accessibility and inclusion are core values of your organization, raising awareness and understanding throughout your team. Training includes: 

  • How to create accessible content, to ensure ongoing accessibility of a site post-launch, and to ensure that the level of accessibility illustrated in your access statement is maintained; we demonstrate different types of content and explain how to make sure it is accessible to everyone. 
  • Review brand and / or style guidelines for accessibility: your guidelines need to include accessible rules to ensure that access is built in from the core. We share recommendations for ensuring that staff, external developers and contributors create accessible material, and that your briefs make access a mandatory requirement. 
  • How to run your own access testing (to enable you to run future checks in-house); as part of this we demonstrate validators and how to interpret them, and  set up ‘real’ online user tests to hear from users. 
  • Reviewing your digital access strategy: we work with you to examine your current access policies, and look at how digital access fits within them. 

Top tips

And finally, here are some of our top tips for accessible websites:

  • Always include alt text on an image
  • Break up large chunks of text with subheadings
  • Include captions and / or transcripts for any audio output
  • No carousels
  • Ensure that foreground and background colours have sufficient contrast (words written over a busy image is particularly inaccessible)
  • Use the clearest and simplest language appropriate for the site’s content
  • Include both a site search and browsing options for your content
  • Our no.1 bug bear – no “click here” links!

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