How to access this website

    We are committed to ensuring everyone can use this website and have developed the site to suit different user needs. In this section we explore ideas for making the site more accessible and at the end have listed links to more detailed information on different devices. Please get in touch if you have ideas for improving the accessibility of the site or if you have any other questions – we’d like to hear from you.

    Display contrast

    You can choose what the page looks like by clicking the Accessibility icon which you will see drop down each page:

    screenshot 2021 07 13 at 12.29.55

    Here you will find a small panel will expand allowing you to choose between Default view, High contrast or black and white. You can also change the size of the text.

    screenshot 2021 07 13 at 12.29.47

    Increasing access on different devices

    Depending on what adjustments you prefer to make the web easier for you to use, there are changes you can make to your devices to increase access to our website, including:

    • Speech output
    • Magnifying the screen
    • Making the mouse point bigger
    • Slowing down the mouse speed
    • Using the keyboard to move around a website

    Go to the AbilityNet website for advice on making your device easier to use.

    More info for access on different devices

    For more detailed guidance on how to increase accessibility and change how your device or web browser works, we recommend the following websites:

    For information about accessibility options using a Windows PC see Windows Accessibility features

    For information about accessibility options using an Apple PC see Apple accessibility for OSX

    On an iPhone or iPad
    For information about accessibility options using an iPhone see  Apple accessibility for ios

    On an Android device
    For information about accessibility options using an Android device see the Android accessibility help centre