Is your organization’s website desperately out of date?

An archive photograph of a 1960s worker fiddles with a reel of film while seated in front of a bank of ancient computers

It’s easy for an institution’s website to fall out of date. A site that seemed like it was great a few years ago suddenly feels clunky, poorly designed, difficult to manage and, most worryingly of all, hopelessly out of touch with your audiences.

At Surface Impression, we specialize in renewing the online presence of cultural, public and charitable sector organizations. Is it time your website had a makeover?

Makeover examples

Here are just three examples from the many many website redesign projects we have undertaken since Surface Impression was founded in 2001. Explore the tabs to view new and old versions of each site.

The new version of the Arts Etobicoke website - after redesign

Arts Etobicoke promotes a wide range of arts activities in a sub-region of Toronto, Canada. Their new site is bright, open and focuses on their engaging programme of events.

The old version of the Arts Etobicoke website - before redesign

The old Arts Etobicoke website was gloomy in design, and confusing to navigate. Many functions had ceased to work, including the all important events listing.

The home page of the new Darwin Correspondence Project website

The Darwin Correspondence Project, part of the University of Cambridge Library, makes thousands of original letters to and from Charles Darwin accessible online. We moved the project’s site to a brand-compliant University Drupal theme, and helped to develop content that contextualized the letters and their authors.

The old Darwin Correspondence Project website

The previous Darwin Correspondence Project website was let down by a poor quality search engine, strange layout and lack of University of Cambridge branding. It also wasn’t readable on mobile devices.

The new VocalEyes website

VocalEyes provides audio-description for blind and partially sighted people so they can enjoy the performing arts and visits to museums, galleries and heritage venues. The new VocalEyes website greatly improved accessibility and refocused visitor attention onto the organization’s core events list (the principal point of engagement with their audiences).

The old Vocaleyes website

The old VocalEyes website was really hard to read, with tiny text, and confusing blocks of colour that tried to convey too much all at once. Navigation was complex, and editing the site very difficult for the charity’s staff, especially those who are blind or partially sighted themselves.

The redesign process

An effective renewal process for your website includes:

  • Re-evaluation of goals, positioning and brand
  • Research to understand your current and desired audiences
  • User experience and graphic design, developed through several collaborative iterations
  • A content audit, followed by the revision of any old (but still useful) content, and the creation of new, audience-focused, material
  • Rebuilding the site on a modern, open source, content management system such as WordPress or Drupal
  • Testing, for both usability and accessibility
  • Refinement and launch

Sustaining your new website

Once you have a new website, how do we prevent that from falling into disrepair? At Surface Impression we have programmes of support and continual improvement that keep our clients’ new digital assets current and delivering value for the long term. The sites that we create far outlive average lifespans of websites.

Time for that makeover?

If you would like to see your website do a lot better, and you work for one of the following types of organization:

  • Cultural sector (museums, archives, galleries, theatres, literary, dance, combined and other arts / heritage organizations)
  • Public sector (local / regional / national government, health or arms-length organizations)
  • Charitable sector (development, educational, health and other non-profit, public good organizations)

Then we would love to discuss your potential project with you! Please contact us for more information…