Ongoing support

Comprehensive support packages and service agreements underpin everything we do.

Ongoing support packages

Surface Impression provides support packages that cover every eventuality, preparing your project for whatever comes next. The support packages are flexible banks of time, run by a dedicated member of staff. Our clients purchase a bank of hours against which development time is logged. Support hours are not limited to any particular period, so light users of support need not worry that their package will expire. Support packages can be topped up at any point, should extra time be required.

Logging and tracking of support requests is managed via a cloud-based system, which can be accessed remotely by as many of your team as required. Your team administrators are set up as users, allowing open communication regarding any issues reported. Alternatively, clients can call us to raise an issue.

Please contact us to find out more about ongoing support packages for your organisation.

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Continual Improvement Programme

Since 2003, Surface Impression has been helping museums and other cultural organisations to understand their audiences better through web analytics and other data sources. By combining this experience in performance measurement with our ongoing support practice, we have created a new service for clients – the Continual Improvement Programme (CIP).

The aim of CIP is to ensure digital assets, such as websites and apps, are on a path of continual improvement; it is too often the case that after the initial launch period these assets begin to decline in value, as they are not developed or improved further. We use tools such as Google Data Studio to produce tailored reports that offer expert interpretation and recommendations, using data from multiple sources including Google Analytics, Search Console, social media, collections data, and other relevant sources. These can be used to identify the actions needed to ensure the longevity of your digital assets.

Please contact us to find out more about the Continual Improvement Programme.

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