The pivot to digital can be easier than you think


    Since the onset of COVID-19, museums have had to rapidly accelerate their digital transformation and scramble to adopt new channels and platforms.

    Surface Impression has been helping cultural sector organisations to make the most of digital for 20 years. In that time we have created hundreds of websites, a wide range of heritage and arts focused mobile apps, and a slew of in-gallery interactives.

    Through these turbulent times, we’ve continued to support museums – accelerating innovation and implementation in order to facilitate the pivot to digital – keeping museums connected to their audiences, and exploring ways to mitigate lost income through e-commerce facilities.

    Online Exhibitions

    Museums and art galleries have had to find ways to rapidly convert their planned real world, physical exhibitions to the digital domain, and some have even initiated brand new exhibitions, purely in the digital space.

    Online exhibitions can take many forms, but the most successful are those that step outside of the normal institutional website and absorb the full attention of the visitor.

    Education Resources

    With suspended or limited in-person learning, institutions are moving online to offer alternatives for their audiences. Digital education resources not only provide an accessible alternative to existing in-person programs, but offer an opportunity to enhance institutional services and broaden audience engagement. 

    Collections Online

    When many doors closed to the public in 2020 and beyond, it has been difficult to make collections accessible to audiences. Collections online give access to a much wider audience and allows visitors to explore history through your artefacts and documents at their own pace and interest.

    VR / AR / 3D

    VR, AR and 3D reconstructed spaces provide an opportunity for audiences to still visit important sites and spaces safely from their home. Immersive technologies allow online audiences to not only explore existing heritage and cultural sites, but to visit sites which have been lost to history. 

    Fundraising & Donations

    The loss of income to museums, through retail, donations, ticket sales or otherwise has been devastating for the sector. Surface Impression has been working hard to use our experience in e-commerce and funding for cultural sector organisations to help mitigate this negative impact.

    In this time of ongoing crisis and attempts at recovery, we encourage you to use our wealth of skills and experience to “pivot to digital” more effectively and with greater confidence. We’re happy to discuss any idea, problem or project, and to offer advice and support to help you make your next steps in the pivot to digital.

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