We design, develop, maintain, customize, and extend websites and mobile apps.

    Our work is engaging, well designed and accessible, communicating cultural and academic content in a well structured, intuitive and audience-focused manner. We are very experienced, with a highly skilled team of designers, developers and project managers who apply our specialist sector knowledge built up over our 19 years of operation. We’ve produced hundreds of successful projects, gaining positive reviews, awards and long-standing customer relationships in the process.

    Underpinning our work is a focus on usability for both audiences and creators. We seek an engaging, yet easy, user experience for audiences but also simplicity of creation and management for our clients. The former requires an iterative, user-tested, design-led approach while the latter focuses on good quality tools and appropriate skills development.

    Our approach includes…


    Surface Impression creates beautiful design, and optimises usability and content for the needs of your audiences. From large-scale sites to microsites of a few pages: designing, creating and managing websites is one of our core activities.

    Mobile & browser apps

    Our talented team produces a range of projects, designs, and functionality to meet clients’ objectives, including: creating trails; developing rich gallery guides; and enabling navigation of both physical spaces and digital content.

    Online collections & archives

    We work extensively with collections, archives and library catalogues of a wide range of sizes. Our approach ranges from integration with collections, archives, and asset management systems, to building distinct collections for smaller datasets within a content management system. Our work with collections also includes interpretation and representation of collection items, which can be editorial, design-based, or media-based. Our aim is always to draw out the stories from within the collection to create better audience engagement, whether that be online or in person at a venue.


    Our ecommerce solutions include built-in shopping functionality (such as WooCommerce for WordPress) as well as integration with many payment gateway systems (including mainstream providers such as PayPal or Stripe through to custom-made integrations with systems such as Capita Pay360). We also integrate sites with dedicated ticketing systems (such as Spektrix, Tessitura, EventBrite, etc) and back office applications. Donations management, memberships, and other fundraising campaigns/initiatives are also included in this category. We have successfully implemented solutions that turnover up to hundreds of thousands of pounds/dollars for our clients.

    Online exhibitions

    Online exhibitions provide an opportunity to reach a wider audience, enhance in-venue exhibitions, and provide an immersive experience that might not be possible in a physical environment. Our specialist skills and experience will help you produce a unique online exhibit, tailoring the project to suit your needs and timescales.

    Interactive installations

    Interactive installations provide an opportunity for deeper engagement with exhibitions and information. Some of our popular interactives include interactive maps and timelines, 3D images or environment displays (including VR/AR, 3D objects and spaces), user generated content (open exhibition submissions, citizen science, etc), and digital flip books which simulate whole books and publications online.

    Brand identity & design

    Our team of talented designers create brand identities and assets, either bespoke for a particular project or to apply to an entire institution. We have a deep understanding of how brand vision, assets, imagery, typography and tone of voice translate into user interfaces, especially given the fluid (and sometimes unpredictable) nature of responsive web design.

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