A showcase for Syrian civil societies

The International Commission on Missing Persons had planned to stage an exhibition of the films, posters, brochures and other media products produced by Syrian Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) at an

Sharing disability arts and culture with the world

Disability Arts Online (DAO) was set up to share disability arts and culture with as wide an audience as possible, while supporting disabled artists by getting the word out about the fantastic art bei

Access to the arts for disabled artists and audiences

Disability Arts International is a website commissioned by the British Council, and produced in partnership with Disability Arts Online. It promotes the work of disabled artists, disabled-led companie

Theatre reimagined for all young audiences

Oily Cart is an innovative theatre company that specializes in productions made for and with children and young people, regardless of their age or perceived ability. The website has a high level of ac

How do I make sure my site continues to be accessible?

Making a site accessible benefits everyone... everyone browses a website differently, no matter what their abilities are.

Breaking down barriers: the history of the Disability Arts Movement

National Disability Art Collection and Archive (NDACA) celebrates the work of creative people with disabilities, charting the Disability Arts Movements from the 1970s to the mid 1990s. To support the

Accessible heritage for visually impaired visitors

We launched the Sensing Culture website in summer 2018 to showcase the HLF funded accessible heritage project led by The Royal National Institute of Blind People (RNIB), who worked with four museums

Rate it! Consumer reviews for and by disabled people

July 2018 saw the release of the Rate it! website, a pilot project to deliver a product review tool authored by and for use by and disabled and older people. We worked alongside the Research Institute

Eight places, 800 years in the lives of deaf and disabled people

Accentuate challenges perceptions of disability by providing life changing opportunities for deaf and disabled people to participate and lead within the cultural sector. We developed Accentuate

Culture brought to life for blind and visually impaired people

VocalEyes help arts and heritage organizations identify and remove barriers to access and inclusion for blind and partially sighted people. They deliver around 160-180 live audio-described performanc

Accessibility statements for Public Sector organizations

Your website must be accessible to all users and accessibility is measured by reaching AA compliance according to the WCAG 2.1

What is access user testing?

Access user testing includes testing with disabled people with a range of access needs, some using assistive technologies and access tools to get online.

Learning disabled people get creative digitally

SprungDigi was all about learning disabled people (people with developmental disabilities) getting creative and connecting with the world through digital tech. It was a project supported by Arts Counc