Rate it! Consumer reviews for and by disabled people

The Research Institute for Disabled Consumers

July 2018 saw the release of the Rate it! website, a pilot project to deliver a product review tool authored by and for use by and disabled and older people. We worked alongside the Research Institute for Disabled Consumers (RiDC), Leicester Centre for Integrated Living (Lcil) and Enabled by Design to design and develop the Rate it! website, which allows audiences to both browse existing product reviews and add their own.

Digital accessibility was at the forefront of this project to avoid isolating the target audiences. Access tools are presented clearly, and an unfussy design scheme avoids potentially confusing visual ‘clutter’. The range and categories of products being reviewed has been limited in this pilot project in order to focus on the quality of delivery and prove that product review information by and for disabled people can be successfully supported online. We hope real-life usage will demonstrate a need to expand on this pioneering project.