Surface Impression will help you create a beautiful design and optimise usability and content for the needs of your audiences. From large-scale sites to microsites of a few pages; designing, creating and managing websites is one of our core activities.


Apps (both native smartphone apps and mobile web solutions) provide a myriad of new opportunities to engage with people. We produce a range of interesting projects, designs and functionality to help our clients create trails, develop rich gallery guides and allow people to navigate their physical spaces and digital content.


Covering digital strategies for cultural organisations, through to activity plans for funding bids, we have a wealth of experience to offer in planning and analysis.

In-gallery interactives

Providing interpretation to audiences is limited by exhibition space and attention spans. Our in-gallery digital interactives and online rich media allows you to get deeper content across in a more compact and more enjoyable manner.

Online collections

We can integrate your site with your collections management systems, as well as create bespoke “online exhibits” – granting access to your collections records and images to both general and specialist audiences (such as researchers).

Digital access & inclusion

Our accessibility practice and commitment to diversity is well known in the cultural sector. From access testing to working with assistive technologies, we optimize your media for people with different impairments and barriers.

User generated content

Be it via social media, selfies or formal competitions, the creative response of your audience to the work that you do represents a huge opportunity to connect with people at a fundamental level. Let us show you how.

Experimentation & innovation

Digital media is ever-changing, with continual innovation and constant shifting of audience behaviours. Managing this change is easiest through a series of small scale experiments, that help you to understand which innovations will work for you, and how. Our experience in this field makes us an ideal guide for your R&D journeys.


Digital media provides a fantastic means to reach new audiences and to develop better relationships with existing audiences. Surface Impression can help you develop campaigns, design and deploy assets, measure results and continually improve your practice.