As producers of digital media for cultural sector organisations, a significant part of our work is the integration of collections records with websites, apps and exhibition interactives.

We have developed the technical infrastructure to integrate content from many of the different systems that are on the market, including Axiell’s products (Adlib, Calm, Mimsy XG), Modes and System Simulation’s MuseumIndex+. We also have integrated sites, apps and interactives with other data sources including TEI, Filemaker Pro, MySQL and more.

However, integration is not just about technical matters, the most important factor in these projects is user-experience. Therefore we help our clients to work through the editorial, design, interpretation and navigation aspects of collections online, in order to make sure people get the best out of a collection.

We can also extend functionality beyond a straightforward catalogue search. Ideas to extend an online collection include:

  • Ecommerce – people pay for access to digitised content or subscribe for access
  • Online exhibitions – draw out curated sets of records, to contextualise with new interpretation and illustrate with high resolution photography or even 3D imagery
  • User-generated content – gather new archival material from your audiences and capture their knowledge into existing records