Our apps help to engage your visitors through one of their most treasured possessions – their phone

Smartphones are everywhere these days, meaning that your visitors bring a high-tech digital media platform with them. Surface Impression has been helping museums, galleries, arts organizations and heritage venues to make the most of this new opportunity.

We work with our clients to create beautifully designed, custom-made mobile experiences, that really get to the heart of your content, while remaining highly usable and accessible.

Approaches include:

  • Heritage trails that arrange points of interest into interesting walks and drives
  • Enhanced gallery guides, that allow visitors to access video, audio, deeper content and much more (including indoor location triggers via iBeacons)
  • Cost-effective in-gallery kiosks, that can present a sophisticated range of content and promote interaction with visitors
  • Experimental research and development projects that push the boundaries of art and communication through this exciting digital medium

Choosing a technology: native app or mobile site?

Many technologists enjoy a good debate about which is better – the “native app” (an application coded for iOS or Android using the built in user interface of each device) or the “mobile site” (an HTML5 website, optimised for mobile). We prefer not to take sides, but instead to pick the technology, or combination of technologies that make the most sense for the setting. Decisions are influenced by factors such as budget, availability of wifi, type of content and expected audiences. In short, each solution is custom made for you.