Celebrating heritage in the South West

South West Heritage Trust

The South West Heritage Trust (SWHT) is an independent charity composed of three museums and two archive services. Together they tell the remarkable story of Somerset, Devon and the South West. The main challenge of this project was to group the multiple venues under a unified brand while maintaining each site’s own identity. Using WordPress Multisite, we worked with the client to achieve a fresh and visually impactful collection of venue websites, interlaced together in an engaging and intuitive way. Creative and functional aspects encourage audiences to explore more, while enabling smoother user journeys.

As accessibility is so close to the heart of what we do, the website was built to be inclusive. Similarly, we ensured the site structure and content follows SEO (Search Engine Optimization) best practices. Since its launch, the website has seen a positive impact on organizational key performance metrics and a significant rise in search engine sourced traffic.