We provide support packages that cover every eventuality, ensuring the long-term sustainability of your website, app or digital interactive.

    Surface Impression offers comprehensive support packages and service agreements that underpin everything we create. With a client base of several hundred organisations, we want to use our expertise to support our clients every step of the way, including after projects are launched.

    If you have a support package you can raise a ticket for a new issue, query or change request via Support Hub

    Our support packages are run by our dedicated Support Manager who will process your requests (via Support Hub, phone, email or TeamWork) and communicate progress to you. You purchase a “time bank” of hours, against which maintenance and development time is logged. Your support bank is not time limited so will not expire if unused. If you require extra support time, you can simply purchase a top-up.

    Our support options include…

    Ongoing support

    With all digital media, problems can arise sooner or later, be they technical or design related. We can also appreciate that as your website (or other digital product) grows, you may wish to change, develop, or add new functionality. We are here to support you with ongoing maintenance and provide you with our expert advice along the way. 


    You may wish to continue to host your site through its current arrangement, or we can transfer the whole site (and your microsites) to hosting that we control. We host the majority of our clients’ sites and currently have several hundred sites in operation. This allows for far better monitoring, responsiveness and allows us to leverage better service from suppliers etc.

    Digital training & mentorship

    We provide training packages using a variety or approaches for institutions using digital to promote their message and engage with audiences. Participants prepare questions for our Digital Clinic and we guide them in building strategies to answer them. Action Research provides an opportunity for participants to design a mini project and receive mentorship over the course of several sessions. Our Skills Training is perfect for those looking to learn more about using a particular tool (such as WordPress, Google Analytics, Facebook Ads). And we also offer practical training on reaching your audience using strategic approaches like segmentation, channels analysis, content planning, and more.

    Digital strategy & continual improvement

    Listening to your audience and adapting to their needs is absolutely crucial to remain relevant in the ever-changing digital landscape. We offer custom support programmes tailored to our clients’ circumstances that support their digital strategy and ensure continual improvement. Download the document with more information on our Continual Improvement Programme below.

    Get in touch with us…

    Please contact us to find out more about ongoing support packages for your organisation. We would be really happy to have a chat with you and discuss the most suitable options for you and your project.

    Emily Thorpe
    Digital Project Manager
    [email protected]

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